About The Steroid Shop

The steroid shop

We are a collective of competitive body builders, gym owners, high level personal trainers and nutritionist together we now bring over 45 years of experience to the table with unparalleled first hand experience and understanding of safe steroid use and application whatever your end goal may be. We have won events on stage both amateur and professional  as well as helped many others achieve their physical potential. We only sell what we use we know what works and all products on site are 100% genuine.

Our aim is to reach out via the web and help others achieve their maximum potential, we know this can only be achieved by being as honest and professional as the nature of the business will allow, zero bullshit policy guaranteed. We know how much misleading information and fear is out there and we are the guys that will tell it how it is because this is what we do. Its hard to break that plateau and make gains and we understand how important it can be for users to get the quality they deserve and in good time with great customer service. This is why we have put together this collective to help us help you while we feed our passion for a sport and life style we love.

We guarantee to ship only genuine products of the highest quality available by carefully selecting our suppliers and sourcing only the most popular products on the UG anabolic steroid market.  We can source all the highest quality anabolic steroids and post cycle therapy (PCT/ancillaries) including top shelf fat burners and slimming pills like T5 or ECA to help you stay cut during cycles.  We have everything from Anavar (Oxandrolone) to Viagra, Astralean to Winstrol as well as all the flavors of testosterone and almost any other steroid you can think both oral and injectable.

Our suppliers include Isis pharmaceuticals, Cambridge Research and Baltic, as authorized sellers of these well known and trusted suppliers of anabolic steroids we source product in bulk to be able to give our customers the very competitive prices you see on the web site. We are doubtful that our prices will be beaten as we would like you all to keep coming back for more as you journey even closer to creating your own monster and making those gains. You will not be disappointed.

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