Drostanolone Propionate


1 x 10ml Vial 100mg per ml

  • Effective Dose (men): 350mgs/week (*100mgs Every other day) to 500mgs/week
  • Effective Dose (women): 50-100mg/week
  • Active Life:2-3 days
  • Detection time: 3 weeks
  • Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 62:25


Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone Propionate is an anabolic steroid also known as Masteron. It become a popular as a cutting steroid among bodybuilders, which is where Masteron is currently most commonly found and still tremendously popular in competitive bodybuilding cycles and often considered essential to contest preparation.

Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) is well-known for being one of the only anabolic steroids with strong anti-estrogenic properties. Not only does this steroid carry no estrogenic activity, but it can actually act as an anti-estrogen in the body. This is why it has been effective in the treatment of breast cancer. In fact, the combination of Masteron and Nolvadex has been shown to be far more effective than chemotherapy in the treatment of inoperable breast cancer in postmenopausal women. This also makes it a popular steroid among bodybuilders as it could actually prohibit the need for an anti-estrogen when used in the right cycle. This will also prove advantageous during the cutting phase due to the hardening effects it can provide. Masteron carries relatively low anabolic and androgenic ratings; however, these ratings are somewhat misleading.  Drostanolone promotes a harder look and can also enhance fat loss. Most all anabolic steroids are well-noted for enhancing the metabolic rate, but strong androgens have a tendency to directly promote lipolysis. As an anabolic, Masteron isn’t well-known for promoting gains in lean muscle mass. It has never been used for muscle wasting in a therapeutic sense and will almost always be found in cutting plans among performance athletes. It can, however, promote significant boosts in strength, which could prove beneficial to an athlete who may not necessarily be looking for raw mass.

The effects of Masteron will be displayed in the most efficient way during a cutting cycle and for the effects to be truly appreciated the individual will need to be extremely lean. This is why the hormone will most commonly be found at the end of bodybuilding contest prep cycles as the individual should already be fairly lean at this stage. The added Masteron will help him lose that last bit of fat that often hangs on at the end of a cycle. It will also ensure his physique appears hard as a rock. The anti-estrogenic effect will simply enhance the look. For those that are not competitive bodybuilder lean, it is possible that the effects of Masteron may not be all that noticeable. The individual who is under 10% body fat should be able to notice some results and produce a harder, dryer look, but much over 10% and the effects may not be all that pronounced. As a potent androgen, Masteron can benefit the athlete looking for a boost in strength. This can be a beneficial steroid for someone who is following a calorie restricted diet in an effort to maintain a specific body weight necessary for his or her pursuit. The individual could easily enjoy moderate increases in strength and a slight improvement in recovery and muscular endurance without unwanted body weight gain. As a bulking agent Masteron proves to be rather week. It’s possible the hormone could provide gains in mass similar to Primobolan, which won’t be that strong, if the total dose was high enough. However, the relative gain in size will be moderate with many steroids being far more suited. There are those who may wish to include Masteron in a bulking plan for its anti-estrogenic and fat loss effects. The latter would ensure they kept their body fat gain minimized during off-season bulking phases, but this isn’t reason enough to use it in this phase.


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