Tren Blend 150 cr

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1 x 10ml Vial 150mg per ml

  • 75mg Tren Ace
  • 75mg Tren E

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Tren Blend 150

Tren Blend 150 is a Trenbolone blend which contains 50% Trenbolone Acetate and 50% Trenbolone Enanthate designed for better blood balance and even potency. Tren is an extremely potent anabolic steroid that does not require high doses in order to gain favourable performance or physique changes. 5 times the anabolic strength of Testosterone, makes it an ideal choice for bulking, strength gaining, and/or lean mass addition. An added benefit of Tren is the inability for it to be aromatized into Estrogen, resulting in absolutely no water retention or bloating. The result is a complete lack of Estrogenrelated side effects, allowing the user to completely avoid the puffy and bloated look that heavy aromatizable androgens (such as D-bol) will provide. The result is considerable and dramatic lean mass and strength gain when combined with an appropriate diet and training.

Pro Chem Tri-Tren can also be used for fat loss, cutting, and pre-contest. Tren is in fact the most highly sought after anabolic steroid by competitive bodybuilders, and is considered such an indispensable addition in a competitive bodybuilder’s cycle, commonly referred to as “the nectar of the Gods”. Trenbolone’s extremely strong nutrient partitioning effects can result in fairly rapid fat loss when combined with a clean caloric deficit and proper training. Trenbolones highly androgenic nature also tends to bring out the hardness and vascularity of the muscles and physique, creating the “3D” look commonly aspired by bodybuilders.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    that was quick 3 days thanks guys love the service and i cant wait to see what this baby can do.

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